Aldi Syn-ake cream test

We heard about this Syn-ake anti-aging ingredient that promises a 52% reduction in wrinkles – then we heard about its price tag. But with our budget radar on, we also heard about Aldi’s cut price version and wanted to check it out.

We applied the Aldi Syn-ake cream (or snake serum as it has been dubbed) every morning and night to the forehead, as advised, and used the one application squirt, as controlled by the syringe style applicator. It’s from the Aldi Lacura skin care range and we think it’s just as good as the pricey version.

Week one

The cream is smooth, rubs in easily and is absorbed – although I generally have dry skin in this area (If you have dry skin after flying read this) so this could perhaps be different for oily skin types. After just the first application I could feel a slight tingling in my forehead, very slight, but it was there. Towards the end of the first week, day five and six, I began to feel a slight tightness in my forehead area beginning. This skin remained soft and smooth, no oiliness or dryness, but as I said I have generally dry skin in this area and have read reviews where oily skin types have suffered breakouts, so be warned.

Week two

By the start of the second week, day eight, I thought I could see slight differences in the lines across my forehead. At the start I had three horizontal lines, with the lowest one, almost straight across the centre, being the thickest. This one remained unchanged, however I felt like the one closest to my scalp line was beginning to fade. By day nine and 10 I felt like the tendency to raise my eyebrows had reduced – not substantially, (and of course this action was still possible when forced) however it felt as though it required more effort to do so naturally.

Week three

Day 14 I took a long hard look in the mirror to examine my furrowed brow. Without a doubt the top line of the three was fading, the one below also looked extremely faint. Just the deep centre line that didn’t seem to be changing, however I was optimistic, being that there were still 14 days (28 applications to go), and so far the results were impressive for a  cheap cream from Aldi in Germany, so this reptile rescue is well worth a try.


The 10ml bottle from Aldi lasted until the final application (I normally used one squirt for my forehead each time, and this also stretched to around my eye creases). I have to admit there were one or two tired nights near the end (arriving home in the early hours) where I forgot to apply the cream, but I was generally consistent with the morning and evening applications.

I noticed smoother skin on my forehead and less ingrained lines, however not disappeared. The top two, finer of the three horizontal lines, were almost non existent and the largest definitely not as deep. I also felt a tightness in my forehead and that the urge to frown, and even the ability to, was reduced. For this reason I think this syn-ake cream solution is more of a preventative than a cure, so the earlier you start using it the better!

And if you’re having problems with dry and tired skin after flying then these hot tips will help…

It’s not a permanent fix (here’s what it does), and the recommended trial is twice a day for 28 days – so it wont happen over night – but definitely give this Aldi Syn-ake cream a try before you rush out for anything surgical. Imitation snake venom will take a smaller chunk from your wallet!


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Also on the market

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