What to pay for Social Media Management

Knowing what to pay for social media management is difficult. When you are growing your business online, social media is the best way to reach the biggest audience and attract the right customers. First you need to boost your social media following, which can take time that you often do not have. Paying a social media expert to filter through your twitter feed and target the right customers, in terms of location, age, interests, gender etc is very worth while and will ensure that your efforts are reaching the right people.

Target Audience

Your tweets or insta images are simply wasted if they are being viewed by the wrong people. The most effective social media posts can obviously be gauged by their interaction, link clicks, retweets or replies, so if yours are falling flat you need to ask yourself why. This is why choosing to pay for social media management can get your posts off the ground. Experts in this field will know how to find your target audience and get them interested in you.

Content is King

Hand in hand with social media management is content. Website content for site pages should link key words as well as having regular blog posts that talk about your genre or product, or engage your target audience, are key. These posts or pages must then be regularly shared on social media. And this means more than once per post. Obviously there should be a limit, and it your posts should not be over repetitive but each blog should aim to be shared three to four times over a month.

Well written website content, with SEO key words (see our post 14 ways to improve SEO for more information) will attract new customers and generate interest about you. It’s worth paying for social media management in order to get this right when you are just starting out.

What to pay for social media management

What to pay for social media management is difficult but we make it simple.

We charge a standard monthly rate for managing social media platforms (first month half price) and charge for content per page.

Our rates are already low but they have just got lower. This month Shout Content are offering a 20% reduction on all social media management packages (including SM management for 2 platforms, website content, and 4 blog posts). First month down from £300 to £239 and further months when booked before August at £289.

Have a look  here at what our package includes and then read about what some of our current clients say.

Paying for social media management is a great investment for any business, new or old, old or young.

We can also create bespoke social media management packages, or one off fees for blog posts of social media management before an event.

contact us: shoutcontent@gmail.com



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