PR and Content Marketing

Shout want to show you the comparisons between PR and Content Marketing, because many people wrongly split these two essential promotional tools in two, when their similarities and overlaps mean you should you be doing both.

Here are our top five PR and Content Marketing parallels…

1. Information

Both PR and Content Marketing disciplines aim to inform the reader about a product or service through the media. The information is delivered in an impelling way, whether that is in the form of a press release or other form of shared content (blog post, info graphic, interview, video – read our previous post ‘What is Content Marketing if you’re still unsure). The main aim is to get this information consumed by your target audience – this is known as ‘Earned Media’ – it’s not paid for but it takes hard work to get that well crafted pitch to the right people at the right time.

2. Sharing

PR may have started out as Press Releases sent out to media contacts or through making connections at promotional events but PR now uses all the same channels as content marketing to reach out to its audience. The same previous PR techniques are also employed but PR experts are now also using twitter, facebook, linked-in to get their messages in front of journalists – just like Content Marketers.

3. Skilled Writers

Communication and excellent writing skills are two of the top requirements to fill any PR role. Content Marketing roles needs that same skill.

4. Earned Media

Of course PR is earned media, it’s aim is to get their story in front of the right people and published for free, but many people see content marketing as ‘owned media’ as it often uses its own channels for its promotion, whether it is a company blog, tiwtter or facebook feed. However, even though the content post will often be hoping to drive website traffic through SEO it will have a secondary aim to be shared, even to go viral. Being shared across social media channels, picked up by other bloggers and reposted is also ‘earned media’.  Both PR and Content Marketing go hand in hand.

5. The Result

The end goal for both PR and Content Marketing are the same – sharing information, driving website traffic and gaining new customers or clients.


There are likely many more similarities between the two but joining both together in your PR and Marketing efforts, rather than splitting them, will increase your chances of success. When deciding on PR or content marketing for your business the answer should not be easy, it should be both.

Have a read of ‘why your PR won’t survive without content marketing‘.



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